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2024 Ultra Infinitus  DECA-MARATHON!! 

10 Marathons in 10 Days!

After crushing the Penta-Marathon in 2023,
Chip's quest is to
take on theUltra Infinitus DECA-MARATHON
trail running in the beautiful green mountains of Ripton Vermont!

If you are interested in learning more about the Ultra Infinitus Marathons, coming in May 2024, click here

Thank you to Corey Hendrickson for donating so much time to gather footage of Chip & to interview his team! We are excited to share the 2023 PENTA-Marathon wrap up documentary, also introducing Chip's 2024 DECA-Marathon!!
Help us start a movement!
TR4R Health & Wellness
Hats are here!

Kids, 950BK Curved Performance, Black & White.


950BKWHT Bare Kids Curved Performance.jpg

Adult, 525BK Relaxed Performance, Black.


525BK Bare Relaxed Performance.jpg

Adult, 585BK, Flat Performance, Black


585BK Bare Flat Performance.jpg

Adult, 525WHT Relaxed Performance, White


525WHT Bare Relaxed Performance.jpg

Adult, 500BK Curved Performance, Black.


Curved Black.jpg
Chip's weight loss journey is so inspiring!
Now he runs to help others and spread his mission to help others find a path to recovery through healthy activity while support local nonprofit recovery organizations. 
Chip Weight Loss.jpg

Watch Chip's new video (with more to come) on Stream Yard.

Chip will be sharing some of his story, about how SUD has affected him and his family, and how he's turning the loss of his son into something bigger. Of course, marathon preparation updates will be included. Spread the word and stay tuned! 


Chip will be in April's edition of HAMMER NUTRITION'S Endurance News Magazine!

Chip is an Ambassador for HAMMER NUTRITION and loves their products that help through training and will support him through his DECA-MARATHON May 16-25!

HAMMER NUTRITION offers all sorts of supplements, vitamins, "fuel", clothing, gear, food, and resources! Check HAMMER NUTRITION out for yourself and try some of their awesome products! 

Once available you can find the magazine here.
Count Down 46 DAYS! *
Chip Hammer Magazine Ambassador
HAMMER crank logo.png
HAMMER logo.jpg

Listen to Chip's interview with Bruce from WVMT 96.3 FM! 

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Trail Run 4 Recovery is now TR4R Health & Wellness!

Helping others conquer addiction and conquer the trails. Transforming lives through the power of trail running and recovery.

"On the other side of pain is victory" - Chip's TR4R slogan.

TR4R is becoming its own legal non-profit entity! 
But we need your help! We are raising money to help support the fees required to become a legal non-profit in the state of Vermont, and to receive the official 501(c)3 status with the IRS! 

Chip Piper after conquering the 2023 Ultra Infinitus Penta-Marathon! 

In Memory of 

Michael Piper
and Jenna Tatro